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*Planet Hugill   Peter Pan  WNO (July 2015)


"...his assumption of the role of Captain Hook was brilliant. It was clear that he was having great fun, and it was always clear who that character was, and some of this seemed to rub off on Mr Darling too."


*Seen & Heard International   Peter Pan  WNO (July 2015)


" can only admire Ashley Holland for changing character so swiftly from the pompous Mr Darling to a tremendously entertaining, pantomimish Captain Hook."


*Opera Today   Hansel and Gretel  WNO (March 2015)


"As Peter, Ashley Holland sang lyrically and with real depth of tone. Nonchalantly entering via the cottage window, laden with gastronomic goodies, this Father was smooth of voice and suave of demeanour. But, he revealed a genuine sensitivity, singing with hushed tenderness of his fears for his berry-hunting children’s safety."

-hunting children’s safety                                                                                                            

*The Guardian   Die Frau ohne Schatten  Royal Opera House (March 2014)


"The cast doesn't disappoint either, with even the smaller roles, such as Ashley Holland's dragon-winged Spirit Messenger, taken with real distinction."


*The Guardian  Lulu WNO (February 2013)

"Ashley Holland's Dr Schön is the epitome of the sinister, powerful businessman the perfect complement to his other role as Jack the Ripper who brutally murders Lulu in the final scene."

*Music OMH   Lulu WNO (April 2013)

"Ashley Holland takes the other double role, as Dr Schön and Jack the Ripper, singing both with convincing authority, in the former with yearning lyricism but the latter with chillingly persuasive clarity and depth of tone."

*Gießener Allgemeine   Kullervo Oper Frankfurt (June 2011)

"Kullervo wurde meisterhaft verkörpert von Ashley Holland, der überdies mit einer großen gesanglichen Ausdruckspalette begeisterte."


*Frankfurter Rundschau   Kullervo Oper Frankfurt (June 2011)


"Ashley Holland schließlich in der Titelrolle, wahrlich einer Riesenpartie, die dieser Bariton bis hin zu den differenzierten Schlusspassagen mit großer, gespannter Ruhe und niemals nachlassender vokaler Aura zum Vortrag brachte."


*Classical Source   The Makropoulos Case  ENO (September 2010)

"As Baron Prus, surely one of opera’s most unsympathetic and unpleasantly predatory fathers, Ashley Holland dominates his scenes."


* Opernwelt   Caligula  Oper Frankfurt (December 2006)

"....der großartig intensive Bariton Ashley Holland..."

*Das Opernglas   Caligula  Oper Frankfurt (December 2006)

"In der umfangreichen Partie des Caligula konnte sich der dramatische Bariton Ashley Holland einen persönlichen Erfolg ersingen."

*Opera News   Parsifal   Oper Graz (September 2003)

“Ashley Holland gorgeously conveyed Amfortas’ anguish”

*Opera News   Lucia di Lammermoor  Lyric Opera of Chicago (January 2004)

“British baritone Ashley Holland was impressive in his Lyric debut as Enrico… the restored Wolf’s Crag scene with Alvarez and Holland was a pleasure to hear”

*Opera   Lucia di Lammermoor  Lyric Opera of Chicago (January 2004)

“Ashley Holland painted a masterful portrait of brutish self-absorption as Enrico”

*Calgary Herald   Don Giovanni   Calgary Opera (January 1999)

“…Don Giovanni, part nobleman, part rake, and beautifully portrayed on this occasion by British baritone Ashley Holland. Holland’s voice is velvet-smooth… as a dramatic presence he is perfect for the role, his demeanour noble and sinister”

*The Times   Manon   ENO (May 1998)

“Manon’s pimp-cousin can emerge as a standard operetta swashbuckler, but in Ashley Holland’s brilliant interpretation he’s an unshaven, drunken lout, and dangerous with it”

*Financial Times   The Elixir of Love   ENO (January 1998)

“As Belcore, Ashley Holland is that contradiction on terms – a comic macho symbol, who sings as crisply as he salutes”

*Opera   The Pearl Fishers  ENO (November 1996)

“The other newcomer was Ashley Holland, a commanding figure of a Zurga, with vocal resources of enormous potential… young singers of this resonant tone quality across a wide range don’t grow on trees”

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